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    “The main thing we enjoyed whilst using the space was the homely feel. Everyone there was really laid back and left us to our own devices, so we really got a lot done! Practically, having fresh coffee, a great selection of backline and free parking was great too.”

    The Zealots

    “We recently used Subfrantic Studios to record video and audio for some of the artists we work with. The studios are a brilliant environment to work in with all the luxuries of a quality studio. Lots of high end equipment and instruments to choose from,  Subfrantic were able to cater for all our requirements and requests. Aylwin and the guys at Subfranic could not have been more helpful and with there wealth of knowledge on recording and equipment we managed to come away with a product that was better than we set out to achieve. Thanks guys, We will be booking again soon.”

    Fulltone Productions

    “Recording at Subfrantic Studios is a real pleasure.  It takes all the usual distractions that you can experience in a studio out of the process so that you can just focus on getting the best recording possible.  It’s a comfortable, clean, inspiring place made by musicians for musicians.  I can’t recommend it enough!”


    “Subfrantic’s unique ETHOS AND atmosphere is ITS Greatest appeal. as a songwriter I felt instantly at home, WHICH definitely helped me creatively. I love how the studio constantly evolves,  with technical improvements and thoughtful touches that make recording easier, faster and more enjoyable. FLAT SCREEN MONITORS IN EACH STUDIO ALLOWED OUR DRUMMER TO FOLLOW SECTIONS VIA PRO TOOLS, WHICH WAS ALSO HUGELY USEFUL.”

    Victoria Ward

    “We love coming to rehearse at Subfrantic. There’s ample parking, which is a bonus when you’re turning up with loads of kit that needs to be carried in. The atmosphere is welcoming and warm, the live room has a very homely feel to it, no doubt aided by the Persian rugs that decorate the walls and floors. Aylwin is super friendly, and a very talented engineer. It’s great to have him around, he’s a very talented and experienced engineer who is great at resolving any problems, and is always willing to help. The equipment is top notch, ranging from vintage Fender Bassman amps, to Rhodes pianos to Rickenbacker guitars. All this adds up to a rehearsal experience that’s a delight from start to finish. A well stocked beer fridge is also a bonus!”

    Pete – Groove Hoover

    “What a lush spot to rehearse, everything I needed from amps to apricots; condenser mics to coffee mugs; and WiFi to warm conversation. Due back to record some hits real soon.”

    Riccy Mitchell

    “WE’VE REHEARSED AND RECORDED at subfrantic and were suitably impressed on both occasions. one thing that really stood out for us was the cctv/monitoring system, which helped our drummer visually cue a take despite the band being split between three rooms. subfrantic was not only a great place to work but also a great place to relax and catch up between takes.”


    “Subfrantic studios! Awesome staff, great sound, lovely selection of instruments! It’s always so nice to record with the right vibe throughout the day, and being creatives at heart, the Subfrantic team know exactly how to bring that mood that helps everyone to find the magical take!!.”

    Gavin Holligan