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    We’re all about high definition recording, combining analogue principles with the benefits of the digital age. We believe in getting the real deal from source! Making sure wherever we can, we use live instruments, valve compressors and warming pre-amps. We still think the most fun can be found in hooking an old fuzz pedal with an even older hard-wired amp or how loud we can get a Leslie cabinet before it registers on the Richter scale.

    – 48 Channel Analogue Desk.

    – A Mac Pro running Pro Tools 12’

    – A wide range of vintage and modern microphones.

    – A selection of in house amps, keyboards, guitars and basses.

    – Grand Piano / Upright Piano / Rhodes Mk1 / Hammond M100 / Leslie 145

    – A selection of Silverface Fender amps / Ampeg SVT / Loads more on the equipment list page!

    – Guitar pedals for days.

    – Screens in every room with CCTV setup for communication.

    – Outboard compressors and Pre-amps.

    – Mastering facility.

    – A multi-room setup designed for ‘all at once’ recording.

    Your music deserves: